Colin Hartley

Colin is a retired civil servant who spent his working life (from 17) in the DHSS, DSS and DWP.


During his career he worked on supplementary benefits, income support and visiting sections. This was all before computers when staff, not machines, made benefit decisions. It wasn’t perfect but there were no food banks then!

Promotion into management meant a move into the Department’s computer arm before transferring to the Child Support Agency (an eye opening experience!). He ended his career managing a banking team dealing with wrongly credited payments and payments to suppliers from benefit deductions (e.g. gas, electric, water, etc). Alongside his paid work Colin was a magistrate for 20 years until 2019. He says 20 years is enough for anyone. Now he’s a Lancaster City Councillor who’s proud to represent the Heysham South ward. On the council he’s chair of the Licensing Committee.

Colin is married with one daughter and he’s a very happy grandad. He lives in Heysham with his long suffering wife and two demanding Maine Coon cats.

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