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  • Posted: February 14th, 2022
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Our advisers sometimes keep a diary of the cases that they see each day. As you'll see from the account below, there is a huge range, and our advisers have to be both skilled and knowledgeable to be able to help with what come through to them.

Case 1

Food bank referral. Ex has stopped paying child maintenance. There was domestic abuse in previous relationship. Client has four children including 1 with special needs. Client has a debt management plan but is struggling to get by.

Client also asked for assistance with school uniform and wanted information about financial settlements.

Case 2

Housing benefit overpayment. Client had been claiming over 10 years, but had savings, which they weren't aware that they should have disclosed. Client feels investigation taking too long and causing her and her husband a lot of stress. Advice given about their options, what is likely to happen, and how to complain. 

Case 3

Client is a single parent with a one year old. She was working as a carer but the client she was looking after has died. She has put in a claim for Universal Credit but also registered as self employed. She had questions about reporting her earnings to DWP and self assessment.

Client 4

Client called on behalf of her very elderly mother who was very distressed. Client’s sister was taken ill some months ago. Client thinks she had a stroke. Other members of the family will not disclose where she is and are allegedly preventing his mother and sister from visiting. Client says they were in regular contact with her before she was taken ill. Advice given about rights and power of attorney.

Client 5

Client has energy and council tax debts. Client also has anxiety and depression and has had three recent bereavements. Client has just claimed Universal Credit. As a single person he will receive £324.84 a month. He has an award letter informing him of this but does not know the amount of housing costs he will get. He should receive £85.00 pw or £368.33pm. However, the rent is £500pm. Client’s van has just been clamped outside his house by the bailiffs. Client explained his situation well to me and says he has been speaking to the bailiff and their head office to try and explain his situation. Advice given about options, debt and Discretionary Housing Payments.

Client 6

Immigration: Client has been living in EU with his wife who he married there. His wife is non-European. Client has returned to UK and wants to know how to apply to bring his wife to join him.

She was recently refused a visitor visa due to lack of funds and insufficient evidence that she. Would return at the end of 6 months. Advice given to the client about what the options are.

Client 7

Client wants to know how to make sure he is not held liable for council tax for a previous tenancy when he no longer has a permanent address.

As ever, if you need help, you can call us, you can email us or you can use the form on our website to get help. Don't suffer in silence - if you are worried about something, feel free to get in touch. Our service is free and confidential.

  • Posted: 14/02/22
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