Is your energy supplier going bust?

  • Posted: December 21st, 2021
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Citizens Advice North Lancashire has warned the public to take meter readings if residents are worried that their supplier may go out of business in the coming weeks.

A recent spike in gas prices has caused problems in the energy market with four major suppliers going out of business already. 

Helen Greatorex, CEO of Citizens Advice North Lancashire said: "If your supplier has gone out of business, don't panic. The energy regulator Ofgem will move you to a new supplier automatically, so the best thing to do is to take a meter reading and to wait until you hear from a new supplier. We would advise you not to switch to a new tariff or supplier if your provider has gone bust because if your account is in credit, it may be hard to get the money back. If you don't hear from your new supplier within two weeks you can use the Citizens Advice website to find out who your new supplier is, or you can call our Adviceline for further help."

The rise in prices is likely to hit many households this winter, especially as Universal Credit is being cut by £20 per week which will affect over 13,000 people in the Lancaster District.

Helen Greatorex adds: "If you are on a low income or you're on benefits, you can also apply for the Warm Homes Discount which will give you a credit on your energy bills. It's free, and definitely worth looking into if you are worried about your bills this winter. Give us a ring if you're concerned about how to make ends meet and we can always carry out a benefits check to see if you are entitled to any further help. Our service is free and confidential and we are here to help everyone."

To call Citizens Advice free ring 0808 278 7882 or get advice  via email at 

  • Posted: 21/12/21
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  • Category: Advice
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